Text Illustrations
Jerry Clower, a Christian, who made a living at telling funny stories. He once told an audience about a highly educated man and his chauffeur. He tells about a man who had a PHD in some discipline, that was chauffeured around the country making speeches at many fine universities and he was payed handsomely for doing so. One day the chauffeur who has heard this speech at least once a day for the last six months informed the PHD that he was not so hot. In fact he had heard that speech so many times, that he could deliver that speech himself better than the man with the PHD. So the educated man said to him, I’ll stop you from your bragging. The university that we are to visit had never seen me before and it would be a good time to switch positions, in other words the PHD would drive and the chauffeur would do the speech. When the moment had come, just as the chauffeur had predicted he delivered that speech just as well as the PHD himself. In fact the students hooped and hollered, threw their hats in the air and ran up and down the aisle because they had never heard a speech done so well with clarity. And when the chancellor restored order back in the auditorium, they had fifteen minutes left for Q & A. Now in the midst, there was one nerd of a student who stood up and asked him, If a dinosaur that roamed the earth twenty million years ago died and was buried under many volcanic eruptions and mud slides. And an archeologist dug this dinosaur up. My question to you professor is “What would be the PH of the dinosaur when they dug him up?” Now remember that the real professor is in the back of the auditorium and the chauffeur responded in this order. “Mister Student, I’ve been to many universities around this great land, some esteemed to be better than others and this one I was told was the best of its kind academically. But I have my doubts now because of the question you ask this morning. In fact that question was so easy that I’m going to let my chauffeur answer that question for ya’. Now as funny as that story might be, the fact is that the real professor had to stand up to give an answer.