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Text Illustrations

Ever wonder if the Lord really knows what you want and need?

David Smallbone felt God leading him to promote Christian concerts in his homeland, Australia, where only 5 percent of the people believed in Christ.

When too few fans filled his seats during one major tour, however, David took a $250,000 bath in red ink.

Creditors repossessed his home, and the father of six looked for work elsewhere.

A top artist offered him a job in Nashville, so the Smallbones sold their furniture and other possessions and purchased tickets to the United States.

A few weeks after they arrived, however, David was informed that his position was "no longer available."

He literally could not get out of bed for several days.

When he and his wife explained to their children what happened, they all got on their knees and asked God to help them.

Interesting things began to happen.

God provided bags of groceries, a minivan, and odd jobs.

Then the biggest surprise of all—a recording contract for David’s oldest daughter, Rebecca, age 15.

She recorded her first album using an old family name, St. James.

Flash forward to today.

David promotes his own daughter’s sold-out concerts.

Rebecca St. James has become one of the hottest Christian artists in America.

Christianity Today magazine has named her one of the top 50 up-and-coming evangelical leaders under age 40.

All along—no surprise—God knew what he was doing!

SOURCE: God Knows Your Needs, Citation: Christian Reader (January/February 2002), pp. 13-14; source: Luis Palau, It’s a God Thing, www.palau.org/godthing.