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The god of this age, Satan, wants people to be blinded to the Truth. He loves a darkened mind.

Sean Sellers was a willing mind. His parents were long haul truckers from Colorado. Sean filled the empty hours with the occult. He began with Dungeons and Dragons. The he began to pore over every book on witchcraft, Satanism, sorcery, wizards and black magic. He talked about the coven he join and how they drank blood and prayed to the devil. In his sophomore year he felt it was time for a sacrifice to Satan.

Sean sneaked his dad’s .44 pistol and with his buddy, Richard, they drove to a convenience store. Richard walks to the back of the store and Sean raises his pistol; the clerk shrinks back. Sean fires the pistol and misses. The clerk runs to the back of the store and is stopped by Richard. Sean fires again and the clerk goes down. Sean fires again and again and again. The police never solve the homicide.

Six months later Sean prays at his bedroom altar to Satan. He pulls out the .44. In the middle of the night he steps down the hall to his parent’s room. It was dark. He can barely make out the forms sleeping on the waterbed. He aims at the first form’s head and fires. His mother raises up- on the other side of the bed – he fires again. Sean Seller’s attorney tried to explain demon possession to the jury, but they sentenced Sean to die by lethal injection for murdering three people.

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