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Do you know that Jesus is still in the life-changing business? Bryon Widner does.

Bryon used to be one of the leaders of the white power movement as the found of the Vinlanders gang of skinheads. He’d covered his body and face with tattoos that were designed to communicate hate and instill fear in all who encountered him.

Well, Byron met Jesus and had a change of heart. He’s a Christian now, and he wanted to get those ugly, hateful tattoos off of his face and hands. No one would hire him. No one would trust him. No one would help him. I mean, do you feel sorry for a guy who used to commit hate crimes? Probably not.

But someone did--Daryle Lamont Jenkins, a black man who runs an anti-hate group...a man the white supremacists consider their sworn enemy. He found an anonymous donor who was willing to give the $35,000 cash it would cost to pay for the extensive, horribly painful process of removing the tattoos. I think the 35 surgeries and the pain he willingly went through are a testimony.

Bryon testimony is proof that Jesus still changes lives.

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