Text Illustrations
To him who is thirsty I will give them without cost...... when our family go out to restaurants or a cafe or pub lunch, Danielle will often ask me to go and get some water, but she doesn’t mean bottled water she means get some tap water because its free. I always feel embarrassed asking for this water... Because they really want to sell water to you...

But God says "I will give to drink without cost"...... We don’t need to be embarrassed about coming to God we don’t need to have anything in our pockets ( like Good works, Christian upbringing, baptised, church member) to pay for the water of life because God’s water of life is also free to all who thirst , God gives us the opportunity to drink “I will give” God has given us all the opportunity through Jesus Christ the price has been paid in full on the cross ... Our spiritual thirst can be quenched and its free to all who thirst.

A Vaughan from sermon. ’The real enviromental changes.’