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Keep yourself pure. Be an example of the believer in purity. This high calling is only possible with God’s help. Cynthia was invited to a slumber party with three of her jigh school friends. They were having a good time when one of the girls said, “Let’s invite the guys over for the night.” Her parents had left them the house. Cynthia couldn’t believe what she heard. These were her church friends; they all had Bibles inscribed with their names, a gift at baptism. She got her things and went home. Her wise parents never questioned why she was home a day early. Much later they heard the rest of the story. Cynthia chose to follow what she really believed. She made a decision based on God’s word rather than pleasure or the pressure of others.

It didn’t hurt her. Cynthia lives with no regrets. She attended college on scholarship; she became a lawyer. She later married a fine Christian man. They now have two children. They are a family keeping themselves pure. That’s the characteristic of people who know Him.

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