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Text Illustrations
ABC Christ!

A- for the Architect, Jesus is beautiful beyond discription.

B- For the Builder, Jesus is the Rock.

C- For the Carpenter, Jesus is the firm foundation.

D- For the Disciple, Jesus the Master.

E- For the Engineer, Jesus is the blueprint of God.

F- For the Fisherman, Jesus is the fisher of men.

G- For the Gardener, Jesus is the rose of Sharon.

H- For the Historian, Jesus is the Center of History.

I- For the Islander, Jesus is the greatest companion.

J- For the Jester, Jesus is the Comforter.

K- For the Kinsman, Jesus is the Riches beyond imagination.

L- For the Lovers, Jesus is the Lover of my soul.

M- For the Mariner, Jesus is the Lighthouse.

N- For the Nutritionist, Jesus is the Sustainer of strength.

O- For the Optomitrist, Jesus is the Vision.

P- For the Physicians, Jesus is the Healer.

Q- For the Quester, Jesus is the Prince.

R- For the Riders Jesus is the champion

S- For the Speakers, Jesus is the theme.

T- For the Teachers, Jesus is the knowledge of God.

U- For the Undertakers, Jesus is the Grave Robber.

V- For the Vikings, Jesus is the Bravest man who ever lived.

W- For the Wisemen, Jesus is the Wisdom of solomon.

X- For the X-ray Technician, Jesus is the revelation of God to man.

Z- For the Zoologist, Jesus is the preserver of all things.....

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