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Text Illustrations
Several years ago when it was safer to do this, a man picked up a hitchhiking serviceman in Florida. When the young sailor got in the car, he said, "Forgive me. I’m hungover. I’ve got a bad headache. I’ve been drinking all week." He began to brag about his sexual escapades over the weekend, and the man driving the car began to pray, "Lord, help me share Jesus with him." He began to witness to the sailor, and the sailor stopped him and said, "Oh, I’m a Christian." The man said, "You’re a Christian?" The sailor said, "Oh, yes. When I was ten years old, I accepted Christ, and our pastor said if we accept Christ, we’d go to heaven. I accepted Christ then." The driver of the car asked, "Do you ever tell anybody about Christ?" He said, "No." "Do you ever read the Bible?" "No." "Do you ever pray?" "Only when I’m in trouble." "Do you ever go to church?" "No." The man said, "Tell me, just what did you accept about Christ? You didn’t accept His way. You didn’t accept His Word. You didn’t accept His work. You didn’t accept the way He feels about other people. You didn’t accept how He feels about your body as a temple of God. Just what did you accept about Christ?"