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Author Bobb Biehl said he decided about twenty years ago to make a hobby of asking questions. He began collecting them and included an entire chapter of questions in his book, Increasing Your Leadership Confidence, in the chapter "Decision-Making." He urged asking questions before plunging headlong into something. Such as:

What is the essence, in one sentence, of the decision I am trying to make? What are the options?

Have I written down the basic issues? What mind-stretcher questions should I ask?

What are the 5-10 most relevant, proven facts in this situation?

How will this decision impact all the people involved? What will be the long-term impact?

What legal, moral, or ethical concerns are involved in this decision? Should I seek outside counsel?

What is the source of the emotional fuel that is driving this decision? How does my family feel?

What would happen if I did not carry out this decision? How long do I have to decide?

The better you become at asking questions, the better you are at thinking through anything.

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