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We had been given a gift to go the Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC to go on a Rope Course and Zip Line. First of all you get into a harness which feels like you are a two year old that has just gotten into trouble for the 20th time. Now you are on a leash, a short leash. The rope course is approximately a 6 station course over a deep ravine. You have to balance 30 – 50 feet above the ground on a tightrope and walk across without falling. Knowing my fear of heights sounds scary doesn’t it? But here is the magic formula.

I was tethered in with my 2 year old harness to another cable above me. There was NO WAY I could fall. So all of a sudden I had no fear of heights. It was a great experience because I could concentrate on the course and not worry about falling.

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