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Each of us has an "IT" that is keeping us from joy and being free from worry. It isn't until we let go of that "IT" that we will be free. We can talk about all the steps to get out of addictions, the steps to curtail anger, animosity, jealousy, fear of death and a host of other worries and concerns but it is up to you to let "IT" go. Now you may be thinking "I thought God would take it away if I asked Him". You are the only one besides the Lord who knows about your "IT". Sometimes you can give it to God in your head but not your heart. It takes great courage to give your "IT" to Jesus because "IT" has been part of you so long. Even though it may be harmful to you it is tough to let go. In some strange way you are more comfortable in the known arena of pain than the unknown arena of victory.

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