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MORE THAN A CENTURY AGO, TWO SPORTSMEN WERE SAILING along the coasts of Scotland. They anchored their yacht in the harbor at Iverness and went ashore to roam the beautiful countryside. Soon they became lost. Darkness was approaching and they couldn¡¦t find their way back to the harbor. They knocked at the door of a peasant¡¦s cottage, asking for a meal and lodging for the night. The farmer viewed them with suspicion and sent them away. Knocking at the door of a neighboring farm, the owner welcomed the strangers into his house. He sat them at a table laden with food. He gave them a bed and breakfast. Only in the morning did he discover that one of the two was the Prince of Wales, later to become King Edward V. Imagine the shame and disappointment of the first farmer who closed his door against his king!

This story begs a question. Have you opened the door of your heart to the King of kings? If not, see Him weeping over you. He wants to be your Savior and Kong.

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