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In 1865 after the Civil War, America officially banned slavery. In modern headlines every once in a while you will read of a child held hostage by his own parents. Usually, the child is abused and neglected. One or both of the parents beat and starve the child. Some children have been chained like a dog, made to sleep in the garage or in a kennel. One child who survived such a tragic childhood has written about the abuse in a book titled, A Child Called "It". His mother would give him only the left-overs from meals if he was good. When he went to school, he would steal food, only to return to the house after school and be forced to throw up. He was never allowed into the house except when he had to do chores. He was forced to sleep in the garage, and was constantly abused both mentally and physically by his mother. He had no hope and no happiness. Can you imagine the joy in the child's life when he was finally set free?

I think you and I can. For we too have been freed from a horrible and hopeless situation.

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