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In this society of today people are fearful of a lot of things. We are afraid to shake each other’s hands. Our cars, homes and work places are filled with sanitizing lotions of all brands. We are afraid to eat certain foods at certain times of the year according to what the trend is at the time. We are afraid of big ideas and little ideas. We are afraid that someone is talking about us when we think in our hearts we are good people. We are afraid to let our children go outside and play with other kids. We are afraid to open the windows of our homes and let the sun shine in because someone said it’s harmful to the environment. We buy expensive alarm systems to protect our expensive possessions. And we keep our distance from others at all cost because we are afraid of the different diseases and famines that are talked about throughout the world. We are afraid of so many things and yet these very same things our forefathers and mothers did and yet they survived and very little happened to them. How did our parents survive the dangers in their era? What did they use for protection from disease, famine and destruction? You probably remember the cuts and bruises and craps you got as a child growing up? How did you survive? You probably remember sleeping at night with all the windows up and maybe the front door was locked and maybe it wasn’t but nobody of harm came in, you remember. What do you make of this?

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