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10. Is it really possible to introduce pyrotechnics gradually?

9. Do rhinestones and choir gowns ever make a positive statement?

8. Never enlist a Worship Leader with a Marilyn Manson tattoo!

7. While drums can be a welcome addition to any worship service, is it really necessary to have them rise out of the platform?

6. Visual Aids such as LCD projectors and new lighting can add to the impact of any service, but do lava lamps really create the right atmosphere?

5. Is it wise to issue laser pens to all the ushers?

4. The participation of every member in the worship experience is not only biblical, it’s essential. Having said that, never hand out tambourines to the entire congregation!

3. While it’s true that instrumental variety really adds to the worship experience, kazoos should always be considered an acquired taste!

2. Can your preacher really pull off the gold lame suit?

And the number one question to ask before changing your worship style is:

1. Are the changes being made to please man, or encounter God?

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