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Top Ten Indications That Your Worship Service Might Be a Bit Too Relaxed:

10. The choir wears bath robes and bunny slippers!

9. Every prayer ends with "Yeah, God, You be the Man!"

8. The church just replaced their old pew bibles with the ABV (Authorized Barney Version)!

7. The last time the word "sin" was heard in the sanctuary, it was in reference to the hardness of the pews!

6. The most conservative member of the congregation is the Youth Minister!

5. The Preacher refuses to preach without his pipe and slippers!

4. The last time an Altar Call was made, the congregation was encouraged to use their cell phones!

3. The baptistery was replaced with a Jacuzzi!

2. 60% of the mission budget was funneled into purchasing reclining pews!

And the number one indication that your worship service may be a bit too relaxed is:

1. No one in the congregation has ever heard these words of Jesus, "Pick up your cross and follow me!"

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