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I remember once when we had a two-foot snow in Smyrna, Tennessee— something rare even then. I’d gone out into the snow early that morning and it was really futile, because the snow was so deep and so soft that when I stepped down into the snow, the snow went so far up my legs, I couldn’t walk in it. So I just gave up and went back into the house.

That afternoon Dad said, "Hey, let’s all go over to the Shooks"--a family that lived next door. They were a lot of fun, but I knew it was going to be tough getting over our acre of land to their house. But it turned out not be so bad after all—because Dad went before me with his big, long legs. Everywhere he had gone, I could just step into his tracks and it was easy going.

Well, you can just count on it, folks--people will follow your trail through life. It’s simply a fact of life--you will influence and impact others by the decisions you make in your life--and that’s especially true with your children.

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