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Pelagius. He was a British Monk who lived in the 4th century. He taught that Adam was created good and everything God creates is good. He went on to say that all human beings could be sinless, an never do an evil action if they chose. Nothing that some men have lived without sin. Adam’s sin, Adam and Eve’s disobedience only affected them, not all of humanity.

Augustine, the great 4th century Bishop of North Africa challenged the view of Pelagius. He was born on November 13, 354 in North Africa.

Augustine taught that the nature of man’s will is not one of absolute freedom, but rather it is bound to sin and requires an act of God’s grace to be able to obey Him.

Mankind has lost our freedom not to sin. Although human beings have the freedom to choose…they will choose by nature, evil.

The Pelagian says grace is not necessary.

The Semi-Pelagian says grace is necessary, but not sufficient.

You may have heard preachers who say, “God does 99%, but you have to do your 1%”.

That statement is the essence of Semi-Pelagianism. (from Paul Little “Know What You Believe”

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