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Charles Spurgeon recounted the story of a group of missionaries who went in the early 1700’s to Greenland desiring to convert the indigenous people there.

He quoted them as going with this determination on their tongues, “These people are in such darkness that it cannot be of any use to preach Jesus Christ to them at first. They do not even know that there is a God, so let us begin by teaching them the nature of the Deity, showing them right and wrong, proving to them the need of the atonement for sin, and setting before them the rewards of the righteous and the penalties of the wicked.”

Spurgeon said they went on for years without a single convert to Christianity. Here is Spurgeon’s account of what came next.

“One day, one of the missionaries happened to read to a poor Greenlander the story of Jesus bleeding on the cross and how God had sent His Son to die, ‘that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life’. The Greenlander said, ‘Would you read that to me again? What wonderful words! Did the Son of God die for us poor Greenlanders that we may live?’ The missionary answered that it was so, and clapping his hands, the simple native cried, ‘Why did you not tell us that before?’”

(from “The Marvelous Magnet”, C.H. Spurgeon)

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