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Madeline Rockwell wrote of her grandparents:

"My Grandmother was a ball of fire, while Grandpa was slow and deliberate. One night they were awakened by a commotion in the chicken house. Grandma sprang out of bed, ran to the chicken house and found the cause of the racket, a large black snake. Having nothing to dispatch it with, she clamped her bare foot down on its head. There she stood, until Grandpa finally arrived, a good fifteen minutes later. He was fully dressed, and even his pocket watch in place. 'Well,' he said cheerfully to my disheveled and enraged grandma, 'If I’d known you had him, I wouldn’t have hurried so.'"

Jesus has defeated Satan. Satan has no hold on Him. So we have no need to hurry. Fasten yourself to Jesus. Set your troubled heart at rest. "Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

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