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Christian television and radio reaches across the airwaves to nearly every home, with late night, all night and almost any-time-of-the-day viewing. Our bookshelves feature the hottest and greatest materials from the latest and most celebrated authors. We have worship experiences with top-notch musicians, equipment, buildings and audio/video aids.

Irony – the growing numbers of people in Canada who have no room for God. Stats from, based on the 2001 population (29, 639,035): ( In 2001, 77.1% of our population called itself Christian. 6.4% did not consider itself Christian and 16.5% claimed no religious affiliation. What is most alarming is that in the ten years from 1991 to 2001, Christian population grew by 1.5% while non-Christian grew to 72.5% and non-religious increased to 44.2%.