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I remember playing basketball one day with an African American boy. He was from Wilson High School in San Francisco. He was failing his biology class at Choate Rosemery. Although I was teaching biology and human anatomy at Choate, I didn’t offer to tutor him because he had no interest in study. He felt he was dumb and didn’t have a chance.

I showed him a book with a page telling the truth about African Americans in the United States, that those blacks who are in America today are generally genetically superior in the physical and mental realm. After all, they are the offspring from those who survived the harsh treatment of the slave trade journey and slave treatment in America. To survive slavery, they had to be among the brightest and strongest.

When the boy realized he had the survivors’ genes in him, his identity changed immediately. He began to believe the truth that he had what it took to learn and understand biology. Several days later, he came running into a faculty meeting and yelled, "Dana, I got an ’A’ in my biology test!" All the other teachers were quite surprised.

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