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There was a family with one little daughter. Mother and daughter were very faithful in church and Sunday School attendance…The father wasn’t interested and he made it plain it was okay for his wife and daughter, but not for him. He worked in a steel mill, a huge hulk of a man who had been a football player at Ohio University.

The daughter, Susie, became ill and was taken for diagnosis to the family doctor. She had leukemia and as it was in an advanced stage it was too late to save her. The family was to take her home, care for her as comfortably as possible before she died.

Each night on coming home from work, Susie’s bedroom was her father’s first stop. He would visit and spend some time with her. Daily her condition worsened and she lost weight, her cheeks were sunken and her color looked very bad.

One night in particular, Susie had obviously been doing some serious thinking, and she asked her father, "Daddy, I know I will die soon and go to be with Jesus. My Sunday School teacher told me that. But, Daddy, when I get to heaven I will be given a crown to wear. And my crown will have no stars because I have not led anybody to know Jesus. So, Daddy, will you give your life to Jesus so I can have a star in my crown?" The father, through the tears, nodded his head and right there prayed a sinner’s prayer of commitment. It made Susie’s eyes light up with joy! She called for her mother and told her what Daddy had just done.

A few days later she passed away. On the next Sunday morning came Susie’s daddy with her mother walking together into church. Time was taken for a "testimony" in the service and this man stood and said, "May I say a few words?" The preacher assured him, "Yes, go ahead."

The man went on, "I was resistant to the Gospel and had rejected pastors and evangelists who had tried to lead me. I could reject anyone but my little daughter." He paused to wipe the tears away and went on, "Because she asked me and because she loved me, I gave my life to Jesus. She reached me when no one else could."

Then, just before he sat down he looked upward and finished with this, "And now Susie is in heaven, wearing the crown promised to her and a single star in her crown – that’s me!" (Autoillustrator.com, HOPE)

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