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Some years ago I was on a flight from one city to another in the company of my senior Pastor. It was an evengelistic trip and also my first flight ever. I was hungry before we boarded the flight but I had no time to get anything to bite for two reasons--one, I did not have any money on me and preferred not to ask my pastor. Two, there was no time since we had to rush to board immediately we got to the airport.

Just few minutes into the flight a flight attendant approached my seat with some delicious snacks. She asked which one was my preference. Looking up with a gentleman’s smile I waived her off indicating that I was not interested in any. She passed me by. I looked behind me to see my Pastor picking some with a cold drink to "flush" it down!! I was furious. Alighting from the flight I asked him why he didn’t order the snack for me knowing well that I didn’t have money on me and was hungry. He was shocked but realizing my ignorance, he laughed and said, "Bro. Dave, the snack is free on board. Our air fare included both the transportation and the refreshment"

I nearly went back into the plane! From that day forward, especially that I also know that you can ask for "extra", I go for my right on every flight except when I am fasting!!

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