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: Paul Esheman, the man responsible for distributing millions of copies of the Jesus film around the world, tells bout the time that the film was shown at a refugee camp I Mozambique on the southeast coast of Africa. Although most of the people had never heard the gospel, they fell in love with Jesus through the film When he was arrested, beaten, an led away to be crucified, they began to weep and wail, and many rushed toward the screen. Their cries and the dust they stirred made it impossible to finish the film, so the projector was turned off. For more than thirty minutes, the townspeople were on their knees weeping and confessing their sins.

Each of the film crew members and counselors relayed how they would try to approach one of the villagers to pray with them, but the Spirit of God was so real that the counselors themselves were falling to their knees, confessing their own sins and glorifying God. “The sense of God’s presence-his power and his holiness-was so great,” the counselors told Eshleman, “that no one could do anything but confess sins.”

Paul Esheman said that eventually, after more than thirty minutes, the Jesus film crew turned the movie back on so the people could know the end of the story. You know the end. It does not end in death on a cross, but in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. When the townspeople saw how the story ended, Eshleman said, “The crowd exploded as if a dam had burst. Everyone began cheering and dancing and hugging one another and jumping up and down. When the invitation was given for people to accept Christ, nearly everyone in the crowd wanted to respond! The following Sunday five hundred new believers showed up at the forty-member church in the refugee camp.

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