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A student wrote on a physics exam that he did not believe in the atom, so he did not write a paper on it like instructed. The professor called him up and asked him why he didn’t believe in atoms. The student’s response was, "I have never seen one, and no one else has either." The professor felt duty-bound to fail the young man, because though it was true that an actual atom has never been seen, the evidence for their existence was very well-known. Their effect on matter, the mathematical formulas that say they must be there and predict their behavior, the understanding we have about their nature in order to combine them to make new products...and suddenly he understood the logic of Christians as he explained this. True, no one has seen God, but His powers and presence in the hearts and lives of Christians for thousands of years, changing them in predictable ways, the vastness of creation, the constant ways life springs from death in the universe, etc. all point to the reality of God and Christ’s resurrection.

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