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Text Illustrations
Bobby is a small 4th grader who somehow caught the unwanted attention of a bully in the 6th grade. One day, the bully said, “After school I’m gonna beat you to a pulp.” With no apparent fear, Bobby simply said, “Ok,” and went on his way. What the bully didn’t know is that Bobby’s 11th grade brother picks him up every day after school. Bobby wasn’t scared because he knew who’d be with him when the big bully came to find him.

I’m not asking you to approve of big brothers beating on bullies. I’m simply making the point…

When the great spiritual bully – the devil – threatens us and hunts us down, we have courage – like Bobby – because we know who’s with us: God, who promised never to leave us or forsake us.

The disciples thought He had done just that on Friday, Saturday & Sunday morning. But resurrection day brought an incredible surprise and wonderful relief.