Text Illustrations
2 construction workers were eating lunch one day. One of them says, “I hope I don’t have another meat loaf sandwich. I’m getting tired of meatloaf.”

The next day the construction worker opens his sandwich for lunch and says, “Meatloaf sandwich again I hate this stuff!”

The third day this guy opens his lunch and says “Oh meatloaf again! I’m getting tired of this every day.” The guy who’s been eating lunch with him every day gets tired of hearing him complain and say, “hey man why don’t you just get your wife to fix you a different kind of sandwich for lunch?’

The first guys replies, “My wife? What are you talking about? I’m not married I make my own lunch.”

You see, we are making our own lunches but we are complaining about what we are getting. We have the power to change it—get it! Set your goals—it’s a powerful spiritual practice.