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My Meme Granberry was a great soul winner for the Lord.

If you would be around her, within a few minutes she would be telling you about the Lord and asking you if you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

There was a reason why.

• Meme & Papaw lived a rough life.

• Papaw owned a still and was a moonshiner.

• They owned and operated a beer joint/dance hall called the Bloody Bucket.

• Their marriage was on the rocks and about to be over.

• A lady named Marie Talbert was her hair dresser, and she invited her to go to the school house revival with her.

• Meme found Jesus and invited Janie Metzger to go with her.

• Janie got her husband, J.D. Metzger to go with her.

• My Papaw decided that if J.D Metzger could quit drinking and serve God, he could also.

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