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Erwin Mcmanus asked a highly educated UCLA graduate what he was planning to do with his life. Looking for clarification he asked, “you mean to pay the bills?” Erwin answered with no small amount of passion, “No, not to pay the Bills” He went on to explain to him that if his only goal was to pay his bills, he would be living a nauseating, self-indulgent life. Some people live the kind of life where survival is a daily struggle, others, at their best can barely pay the bills. However those who have be privileged with a healthy upbringing and great education have to embrace more responsibility than paying the bills.

“If it were within his reach to produce wealth, to create jobs for the unemployed, if he had been entrusted by God with the skills and capacity to improve the quality of life for hundreds, if not thousands, it would be sin for him to do anything else.

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