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Spiritual Near-Sightedness

One of my favorite riddles is this one

Q: What did the near-sighted porcupine say when it backed into a cactus?

A: Pardon me, honey!

If you are near-sighted, you see objects that are near, but distant objects are blurry or unclear. To put is simply, you are equipped to see trees, but not forests.

Some people are near-sighted in their mentality; rather than think about the long term, they think short or perhaps medium term. We tend to view long term thinkers as wise and mature, while we view short-term thinkers as immature and impulsive.

This is doubly true in the spiritual realm. Rather than think of an entire lifespan and eternity, immature Christians are just trying to get by at the moment. Thus they look for quick fixes and easy solutions.

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