Text Illustrations
I heard once of a man who was an American Indian and had been converted. He described the old and the new nature this way, “There’s two dogs that live in me, one’s the old dog, he’s mean and vicious and hard and sinful. Then there’s the new dog who walks after Christ. He said they’re constantly fighting to have control of me. Which one wins? The one I feed the most, that’s which one wins.”

These two natures within you, the old nature and the new nature, they’re fighting for dominance, which one’s going to win? The one you feed the most.

You walk in the world. You walk in circles where they tell the world’s jokes, live by the world’s standard and the world’s rules, that man will win because you’ve fed him, you’ve made him strong, you’ve made him dominant.

You walk in the Spirit. You daily meditate on the Word of God, you feed on God’s Word, you pray, you associate yourself with other believers who talk, not about worldly things but talk about Jesus and the new man will have dominance because you’ve fed him, you’ve made him strong.