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A number of years ago a church member knocked on his preacher’s door and asked if he could talk to him. The preacher invited him in. The man took a seat and began his story. “Preacher, do you remember hearing about the death at the steel plant this past week?” “Yes, I heard about that,” the preacher said. “It was a terrible tragedy.” “Well,” the man continued, “I was there.” “Bob was working when suddenly there was an accident and the molten metal spilt on him. He began to holler. After a minute or so he began to cry and ask, ‘Someone, please tell me how to be saved. Someone, tell me how to be a Christian. I am going to die soon. I know that. But please, won’t someone tell me how to be saved. Won’t somebody, please tell me how to go to heaven?’ The man continued, I stood there with the rest of the men at the plant and watched him die, without saying a word.”

The preacher, confused, asked, “John, why didn’t you say something? Why didn’t you tell him how to be saved? You’re a good man. You’re a faithful church member. You’re a leader in the church. Why didn’t you step up and say something? Why didn’t you tell him how to be saved?”

The man replied, “Because I have not lived that kind of life in front of the men at work. I haven’t lived the Christian life in front of those men. And so when I was needed the most, the life I lived in front of that man, closed my mouth to that man.”

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