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Strange for us to think of idolatry as being something in the modern world but consider this:

• There are actually people who worship crawling creatures: In a museum in Egypt there is a monument to the scarob beetle.

• The philistines actually worshiped flies. Hindus today won’t swat a fly lest it be an ancestor of their paying for wrongs.

• Today you find that there are 330 million gods of the hindus, 8 gods for every person.

• In Thailand there are 20,000 buddist temples. In one there is a 2 inch tooth supposedly saved from Budda’s funeral.

• In China a buddist statue actual fell on a man and the family sued the budhas in the temple and it was found guilty and it and 14 other statues were actually beheaded. IDOLATRY is rampant in our world.

• The Roman Catholic Church has relics: Mary’s hair, Mary’s wedding ring, Mary’s holy girdle, the last supper basin, the burial cloth of Jesus, the lance which stuck in His side, actually footprints of Jesus, and John the Baptist: 3 shoulder blades, 4 legs, 5 arms, and 50 index fingers that supposed pointed and ...

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