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Text Illustrations
Long days ago a very poor woman living in England near Windsor Castle. She lived so close that she could look over the palace gardens and see grapes growing there.

Her little child became very sick and she thought how good it would be to have a few of those grapes for nourishment. She took a single shilling and went to the Queen’s garden, ‘My little girl is sick could I buy a shillings worth of grapes’.

‘Do you not know that those grapes belong to the Queen maam and the Queen does not sell grapes’.

It so happened that one of the Queen’children overheard what was said. He came over and said, ‘My good woman, my mother does not sell her grapes, but she will give you just as many as you need’.

Salvation is not for sale, the price is too high. It is a gift or nothing at all.

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