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Growing up in middle Georgia I would help pick peaches during the summer to make a little spending money. And it was during that time that I learned the importance of "a time to every purpose under heaven". While working for this elderly gentleman, whom I will call Grif, He wanted to show me how to pick a peach. He started by saying that there was a right time to pick a peach and a not so right time. If you grab a peach and you have to pull as though that peach is holding on for dear life it is not ready to be picked and you can damage the limb that it is attached to. Then if you grab another and it has a little resistance, but comes off without pulling the limb too far, then that peach is ready to pick and put it on sale in the fruit stand. But if you want to pick a peach to eat or make a cobbler that would be the sweetest thing you ever put in your mouth then you must know exactly when that peach is at its peak.You do this by putting your hand under the peach, then take your index finger and gently push it to the left or right and if it drops into your hand without any resistance, then that peach is ready to be eaten or prepared. Take a bite and the juice just runs down both sides of your mouth and will be the sweetest peach you have ever eaten. But if that peach is left on the tree one day longer then it begins to ...

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