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My dad had to be the worse driver I’ve ever met. When I was a kid he had wrecked 9 cars in 8 years. I think he saw life as a demolition derby and his only goal was to get through it alive. The funny thing was; as he got older he became extremely nervous and he started blowing the horn whenever he saw someone else coming down the road; he was always afraid they’d hit him. I told him one day, “If you don’t stop blowing that horn I might hit you.” You see, as far as he was concerned everybody in the world was a worse driver than he was.

And to be honest; when I first started driving I was no different. I was always on the verge of losing my license for speeding and I remember when I went to work as a salesman and they gave me a brand new car. (Man, was that ever dumb.) I took that car straight up to the 401 to see how fast it would go and when I blew the engine it had 3 miles on the odometer. No one told me you were supposed to break it in first. The problem was; I drove like my father. Driving was a means of recreation not transportation. And, whether we realize it or not, our kids copy the things we do.

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