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I had been a Christian only a few months when I felt compelled to witness to my father. In the midst of the discussion, I remember a question which he blurted out in frustration. He said, “Well, if God exists, why doesn’t He just blow a big hole in the ground or something?” In other words, why doesn’t God just do something so big and so grand that his existence would be so obvious to everyone that no one could deny it?

And I remember thinking to myself, well, that’s a good question. Why doesn’t God do something like that? Why doesn’t he ultimately reveal Himself to us once and for all in an absolutely unmistakable way? And if he has, why don’t we know about it. And if he has, what’s he got to say to us. What’s He got to offer. And how did do it?

And this is actually what the Gospel of John is all about. The Gospel of John is all about telling us that God has indeed done something so great and so grand that nobody should ever doubt that God not only exists, but he offers us the solution to the biggest problem we have—the fact that we all inevitably in inexorably die. And John also tells us exactly how and when God made this ultimate revelation of Himself—and it is remarkable, it is truly astounding. And it is truly good news.

And it is this: The Eternal Creator has ultimately revealed himself by becoming one incredible man, Jesus Christ, who demonstrated the truth about God---that He is gracious & willing to save us from our sins.

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