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The Eternal Creator has ultimately revealed himself by becoming one incredible man, Jesus Christ, who demonstrated the truth about God---that He is gracious & willing to save us from our sins.

Now that is incredibly great news for us. Of all possible core realities behind this vast universe in which we find ourselves living, there could hardly be any better news than this. Because, isn’t it possible that God could be a devil of a being, someone like the Allah of the Muslims who promises only to reward people who sacrifice themselves in order to kill and destroy other human beings. Or isn’t it possible that God could be an impersonal principle, like the Hindu’s karma, that just simply governs the fate of human beings and is not even able to care about each individual’s struggles or ultimate fate. Or isn’t it possible that the Ultimate Being could be the God of the agnostic who doesn’t even care enough to reveal Himself to man, and leaves man in the darkness to flounder and fail and die in a very confusing and evil world?

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