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Here's an interesting article that goes well with Pentecost. The article’s title read, "Fireworks Blamed for Church Fire." The story begins, "Fireworks were blamed for a fire that tore through a church in Brush Prairie, on Monday... . The church's roof collapsed as the fire was burning, but crews were able to get the fire under control.

"Samuel Munoz, the pastor of the church, said '(I had) tears coming down. My wife, she touched me on my back and said, "Honey, it happened. Everything has a purpose. Everything that happens has a purpose."'"

The story reveals an interesting irony. Fireworks sparked a fire that consumed the church’s roof. Satan wanted that church to burn down. Yet, God had other plans; he didn’t allow a natural fire to extinguish their ministry. You know, a similar thing happened in the early church. Satan thought he won when Jesus hung on the cross. Satan presumed he torched the early Christian movement; but God had other plans.

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