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Wayne Hilliker tells this true story about the Jewish women in concentration camps during the Second World War having to work to build roads: their wheelbarrows were their aprons; their shovels were their fingernails; on cardboard shoes they went out on frozen ground and worked all day; only diluted soup to eat; and then back again at night, on frozen ground, to their dormitory.

When one of the women who survived it was asked later? ’How did you manage day after day after day? What kept you going?’ she replied: ’I don’t know what all it was. But I do know one thing¼when we would go out in the morning to work on those cold muddy roads, we passed a house that had a flowerbox in the window, and in one there was a tulip blooming. And I would say to myself all day when we worked if I make it through the day, going back home, I’ll get to see the tulip again.’

’Just a tulip?’ ’Yes, just a tulip’

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