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In our text we have and example of going back and the tragic results. The Israelites come to the border of the promised land. Moses sends out twelve spies. They scope out the scene. They come back and give their report. Ten of them said, ”We have seen this good land. We saw great walled cities. And we saw giants. We’re sunk. They’re giants and the walls are too high. We’re defeated already. We might as well not even try.

Then the two remaining, brave warriors gave their versions of the story. “Yeah we saw it. We saw the giants. We saw the great walls. We’ve also seen the size of our God. We’ve seen Him in action before. He’s taken care of us all this time. He’s provided. He’s been there with us. He’s led us all this way. He’ll do it again. We can do it. Let’s do it. Let’s do it now. Let’s take it now.”

Well, the majority won out. They decided it was impossible. “We can’t do it. Look at what a mess we’re in now. Let’s go back. Let’s get us a new captain and let’s go back. And they were going to need a new captain if they were gonna go back to Egypt. Because Moses was not going back. He may have made a few mistakes, a wrong move here and there. He may have been disobedient to God a time or two. But he was not going back.

He remembered what he was in the past. The Bible tells us that when he was old enough he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, but rather chose to suffer affliction with the people of God. He remembered how his people suffered under Pharaoh’s whip. He could still hear the cries of his people as they were bound in slavery and bondage. Just the same as we are when we’re and without Christ. We’re bound and chained as we’re slaves to sin and Satan. Moses remembered what he was in the past and regardless of what happened one thing was for sure. He was not going back. He started with God and by the grace of God he would complete that journey.

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