Text Illustrations
A father related how one of his son’s favorite games was "hide and seek" - his son always hid. The game always went the same: Dad always counted to 100 by 5’s and then would shout out, "Here comes Daddy to find you Tommy." And Tommy would always hide in the same room and the same spot - but of course Dad always went through the motions of looking in just about every other room. He’d go into one of the bedrooms and loudly proclaim "I wonder if Tommy is under the bed?" Down the hall he could hear the barely suppressed giggles of his child as he lifted up the sheets. "I wonder if he’s in the closet?" Again giggles from the other room. Making his way into the bathroom, Dad would say "I wonder if he’s in the shower?" Giggles. "I wonder if he’s in the toilet?" as he lifted the seat. The giggles were getting louder. Out in the hallway now, the father proclaimed "I wonder where Tommy could be?" And at that moment Tommy would burst out of his parents’ bedroom crying "Here I am Daddy, here I am!" and throw himself into his Dad’s waiting arms.

The Father recalled telling his son "But, Tommy, that’s not how the game is played." But Tommy didn’t care - that’s how he played the game. For the object of the game to Tommy was in being found and then to rush into his father’s arms.