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Have you ever gone to a doctor and got a prescription?

You take that prescription down to the pharmacy and they sell you the medicine.

Now, have you ever heard of a druggist getting the prescription wrong?

Of course you have.

Why would a pharmacist get it wrong? Well, not because they intended to. Sometimes it happened because doctors are notorious for having bad handwriting. They are so hard to read sometimes that it’s hard for a pharmacist to read it correctly. Other times a druggist would make a mistake because so many medicines have similar kinds of names.

Now… could that hurt you?

Could taking the wrong medicine be bad for you?

Well, of course it could!!!

It might not kill you.

It might not even hurt you.

But it won’t heal you.

Because it’s the wrong medicine.

Why would you want to take bad stuff, when you could have good stuff?

Getting bad doctrine (bad teaching) is like that.

It MIGHT not rob you of your salvation.

It MIGHT not hurt your relationship with God.

BUT it’s not going to do you any good.

Why would you want the bad stuff, when you could have good stuff?

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