Text Illustrations
How would you feel if an animal spoke to you? The story is told of a man who bought a beautiful, exotic, tropical parrot from a local pet store. The pet store owner said that the parrot could talk and after demonstrating a few sentences the customer was impressed so he bought him and took him home. Except the only time the parrot would speak, he would only use abusive language with his new owner. The owner said, “Bird, if I ever hear you talk like that again, I’m going to lock you in the freezer!.” This threat still had no effect, so the owner backed up his threat and locked the parrot in the deep freeze for about an hour. When the bird was nearly frozen, the owner went back to the freezer, removed the vulgar bird, and said, “Have you learned your lesson?” The parrot was shivering so bad he could barely speak, but asked, “Yes I promise I won’t say any more bad words, but I have a question?” The parrot asked, “I would like to know one thing, what did the turkey say?”