Text Illustrations
Many have asked me, “Preacher, where is hell, is it down?” Back in 2003 we visited the Kilauea Volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii. To me it was fascinating to stand there and see these red-hot, smoking chasms. There were barricades all around them and the guides kept cautioning people. We watched this lava keep boiling up out of the earth. The guide said, "That’s 800 degrees Fahrenheit down there! If one of you were to fall in this pool of molten lava, we would never so much as find the wrist watch from your arm or the buttons from your clothing. You would be vaporized immediately." I stood there watching this boiling out of the bowels of the earth and I thought on all the teaching of the Bible about Hell, the home of the unsaved, separated from God, eternally tormented. The ones who fall into a pool of hot molten lava are the lucky ones. Hell is forever, it is the place where Jesus described in Luke 13:28 as weeping and gnashing of teeth, its horrors are as indescribable as eternal. People don’t like for us preachers to talk about hell, but like this talking animal, it is also in the Bible. Where is Hell? I can’t say if it is up or down, but I can tell you that hell is at the end of a godless life