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2 weeks ago all of America was horrified as they watched a man named Steve Irwin, so respected and fondly followed as the Crocodile Hunter, dangle his 1 month old baby boy, Bob, w/in a couple yards of a crocodile he was feeding chicken to w/ the other hand [not unlike the dangling baby of Michael Jackson’s from a hotel balcony!]

We all love Steve Irwin, but he lost a lot of our respect w/ this stunt, esp. in America.

The New York Daily News led the attack w/ the headline: "Steve Irwin – Australian for stupid," its front page said.

Inside, the barrage continued: "Dad of Year? What a croc".

And London’s The Times reported that Irwin had gone from Crocodile Dundee to crocodile dunce.

Irwin told reporters that people are entitled to their opinions, but he knows his child was never in any ...

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