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Text Illustrations
Illustrate: Attitude is everything!

1. A chaplain told a young soldier who’s laying on a cot, “Son, you lost your right arm in this war.” The young soldier said, “No, I kept my left arm in this war”

2. A neighbor told her Christian neighbor after a care accident, “Aren’t you mad at God for this car accident.” The Christian said, “No I thank God for my life and that I have a car.”

3. A friend asked his co-worker, “It’s not fair that I didn’t get that promotion.” The other co-worker said, “It’s not fair that millions of people don’t have jobs.

4. Next time – you are tempted to complain about your income… try to remember that 1.2 billion workers (that is 4 times the US population) live below $1 per day

5. Next time - you are tempted to complain about “what’s for dinner” – remind yourself – 683 children die of hunger every hour – Over 16,400 children die of hunger a day

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