Text Illustrations
There was once a school for poor and underprivileged boys. In it there was a rule that, if certain things took place, the offender was to receive so many blows from a cane. One day a very poor boy broke this rule. He was called and stripped to receive his punishment. He had had little to eat, and was almost a skeleton. The teacher and others grieved. Finally the teacher asked if anyone would like to volunteer and take the punishment instead of this poor, sick boy. One fellow stepped up and said, "I will." His back was bared and he received the caning. The poor boy who had broken the rule stood by and looked on and wept. When it was over, he was so broken up he could hardly speak. He begged forgiveness, thanked his substitute, and vowed he would never disobey again. But there is another who "was wounded for our transgressions" and "bruised for our iniquities.” Not just for one instance of our sin, but for all time. What will we do with Jesus?