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Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a prisoner in Russia.

he was on a program of hard labour and slow salvation.

One day he felt like giving up.

He felt his life could not make a difference.

He sat down on a bench knowing that when he was spotted by a guard he would be ordered back to work when he failed to respond the guard would bludgeon him to death. As he sat waiting, head down, he felt a presence. slowly he lifted his eyes. Next to him sat an old man with a wrinkled, utterly expressionless face. Hunched over, the old man drew a stick through the sand at Solzhenitsyn’s feet deliberately tracing out the sign of the cross.

As Solzhenitsyn stared at the rough outline his entire perspective shifted.

Yet in that moment, he knew that the hope of all mankind was represented by that simple cross - and through its power anything was possible.

Solzhenitisyn slowly got up , picked up his shovel and went back to work - not knowing that his writings on truth and freedom would one day enflame the whole world

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